Tag: Azathoth

  • Inktober 2019 – 28 – Ride “Faster flew the shantak, and lower bent the rider, drunk with the marvels of strange gulfs, and whirling in the crystal coils of outer magic. Then came too late the warning of the evil one, the sardonic caution of the daemon legate who had bidden the seeker beware the…

  • Stranded flutist The flutist has played for eonsTo calm the Sultan of DemonsOr so it seems, no time here,No place either, so crowded So when came the feeble callfrom a teeny tiny blue ballIt came and eat profusely And now wanders aimlessly Ink brush on A6 sketchbook

  • Faceless horror At the court of Azazoth, Sultan of DemonsMany gods are now namelessSome of them are facelessThus cannot be looked upon Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook