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  • The big house of Lavendell There is a big house in the city of Lavendel. Not a large or tall house, a big one. You don’t realize at first what’s wrong with it, that something is messing with you eyes. Then you notice : it’s not a matter of size but of proportions, as if […]

  • Bigmouthed salesman Oh don’t vorry, I get fat queftion a lot. ven you fay “fpecial features”, you mean my mouf right? Vell, you fee, fis very peculiar condifion of mine greatly helpf my vob vich iz to fell medical supplize, toolz, and apparelz all around ve country to a very fpecific fet of profeffionals vich […]

  • Ultimate weapon The attrition war against the CGG (Coalition of Gentles Gentiles) has pushed the FLP (Fun Loving Plantigrads) on the brink of extinctions. There is no alternative. The FLP exhausted their options. It’s time to reveal their secret weapon, their last hope, the consequence of their hubris.It’s time to unleash……BIG TEDDY *** Krita on […]

  • Smoktober 21 Get closer my friend… so I can see what’s insideHum… there’s something growing, burning, living.I’m afraid what I sold you was not for your kind.You have to return them back or die burning. *** Approche mon ami… Approche que je te vois d’en dedansHum… Il y a quelque chose qui brûle et grandit, […]

  • Smoktober 10 They sails to the land of Lilliput, see Clefrin FrelockHe’s retired from official duties, and opened a shop“It’s indeed a pipe of mine, I recognize my crest.I swear to thee there’s no magic nor curses in my craft.”The sailor’s sight, it’s gonna be a long quest.“Hang on” said his wife, let’s sail to […]

  • Adventure – The Festival of Attribution Upon asking about the Festival of Attribution, the little creature went back to a group of well dressed notables. Surely some kind of governing or ritual council. They talk for a while in their musical tong. As you wait for them to finish, you idly starts to examine further […]

  • Mushroom turf war – 2 – See? Cooking makes them much better.– No quite. Raw’s better.– Beotian. You dopn’t know what is good. – Om nomnombarf…– hugh… Anyway, this is a good place. Lot of mushroom. – Oh yeah. They’re everywhere. Small ones, big ones.– Kinda strange… *** – Tu vois ? C’est quand même […]