Scrying the future

Old seer, wise wizard, what do you see in you crystal ball?
No, seriously, how can you see with such a light?
For me, all there is in your future is blindness.


Vieux devin, sage magicien, que vois-tu dans ta boule de cristal ?
Non sérieux, comment peux tu y voir quelque chose avec cette lumière ?
Pour moi ton futur sera aveugle, littéralement.

ink pencil on A6 sketchbook / Pinceau encre sur carnet A6


Blinding Horror

What would be the most horrifying?
To see this horror creeping toward you, losing your sanity at each of its grotesque transformations?
Or been blinded by the rays of unholy light it emits, thus avoiding its hideous appearance but unable to locate the thing?
Qu’est-ce qui serait le plus horrible selon vous ?
Voir cette horreur ramper dans votre direction et perdre votre santé mentale à chacune de ses grotesques contorsions ?
Ou être aveugle par ses rayons de lumière malsaine, protégé de son hideuse apparence mais incapable de savoir où elle se trouve?

Ink brush on A6 sketchbook / Encre de chine sur carnet A6


Strong resolution

Preparation are everything. As they go through the morning routine, they keep sharpening their mind, achieving the mindless state of mind.
Nothing can offset their balance now, no sound nor sight. Their resolution is the key, an unstoppable will, capable of remodeling reality itself.

There is an old saying, from Terry the preacher, that says : “Faith cannot moves mountains. But it can create people who can.”

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook