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  • Bad Reading – So brother, how’s the study’s going?– Askfgl…– Hum, this god’s quite the obscure one.– Yooorglbl…– This one too? Oh my! You found quite the rare tome, my brother!– Erkblaarg…– Now you’re talking nonsense. No way this one is associated with the others. *** – Alors mon frère, ça avance cette étude ?– […]

  • Inktober 2019 – 08 – Frail Sanity is such a frail thing. Read some book and your already unstable mind falls in the absymal chasm of forbidden knowledge, forever broken by the sheer immensity of an absurd and incomprehensible cosmos. *** Notre esprit est une chose bien fragile… Quelques mauvaises lecture et nous voici précipité […]

  • Tanks! One of my all times favorite scene from tv series is from Black Books, where Manny comes in this shady and dusty library searching for “The Little Book of Calm” and Bernand only propose him titles like “TANKS!” or “The history of screaming”. *** Une de mes scènes favorites de série télé est tirée […]