Tag: burning

  • Demon beater

    Demon beater Sloowly, slowly… Where are you big guy? I know you’re there… hiding… You don’t like the smoke, do you? This is a special incense I made just for you. Now come out and say hello to my witch-hunter friends. They’re waiiiting… Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Là, là… Où te caches-tu ? […]

  • Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing What’s the point of fighting, When everyone’s dying? When your home is burning? Why did you keep standing? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Pourquoi encore lutter ? Ton château à brûlé, Tes gens sont décédés, Pourquoi diable résister ? Criterium sur carnet A6

  • Burning away Everything comes to pass Some slowly fading away Some brightly burning away It’s a matter of scales, lass All memories, belongings Nothing remains but ashes Fire transmute everything, As slow as it can be fast. *** Tout passe, inéluctablement Parfois s’effaçant lentement Parfois s’embrasant violemment Ce n’est qu’une question de temps Possessions, souvenirs […]