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  • Inktober 30 – Slither All’s done.Pressure ok.Oxy-tank full.Warp engine stable.Antimatter fuel tank full.Van Halen deflectors operational.Navcomputer online and calibrated. Horacio slithers into the cockpit and took a brief look outside: Ever growing crystals. Raven. Doc. The crew, or whatever they have become.Her hands reach for the com. She tries to say something but can’t. What’s […]

  • Adventure – Caught by the vines It only took a slight moment of inattention. Now there’s vines around your wrist, vines with eyes! It keep growing and moving, and wriggling around you! You must do something! What will you do? – Attack the vines– Let the vines grab you, maybe they’re harmless?– Get free and […]

  • Adventure – Still Lost in the woods Oh bummer. Trees. Lots of trees… Is that a birch? Whatever, still no sign of getting out and paths leads nowhere. You feel like you’re going in circles. Admit it… you’re lost. What will you do?– Stay where you are and think.– Keep walking, what else can you […]

  • Adventure – Then I will follow you! – “No gold?”– “Not a coin”– “You haven’t any coin left on you? That’s…”– “Well you see…”– “That’s sad! So sad!” Are they.. crying? – “It’s…”– “Don’t fret !”– “What?”– “Notagnome will help you and tag along until good fortune stumble upon you! Then you can repay me.”– […]

  • Adventure – Not Alone

    Well, you’re lost.This forest is confusing, paths begins and ends without rhyme orreason. Fortunately, there’s no more laughs and voices. It’s stillcreepy, ‘though. You can’t shake this feeling that something is stillwatching you. Wait… have you been there already? What will you do?- Stay where you are, and wait.- Keep walking,– No wait, this way […]

  • Adventure – You are what you eat Blood has been spilled. Roots were soak in it, and the Forest drank it. Should it has been given freely or by accident, it could have led to nice, gentle things. But it was murderous blood, full of greed and hatred. Killing blood. The Forest’s now full of […]

  • Adventure – Playing the Fulute You couldn’t resist the urge. You grab the golden Magicalu Fulute and blow.Your fingers moves by themselves, playing a melody you never heard of, yet strangely familiar.From the corner or your eyes, you see Notagnome running away, barely taking the time to send you a mixed look of betrayal and […]

  • Adventure – Magicalu Fulute It turns out the goblin is quite friendly and no one came attacking from the bushes.His name is Notagnome and, to his own words, he’s in “quite a peeble”. Did he means troubles?He explains to you he dropped his “Magicalu Fulute” between the roots, and the tree “won’t let retrieve it”.He […]

  • Adventure – The Festival of Attribution Upon asking about the Festival of Attribution, the little creature went back to a group of well dressed notables. Surely some kind of governing or ritual council. They talk for a while in their musical tong. As you wait for them to finish, you idly starts to examine further […]

  • Adventure – The Dark Castle As you climb the mountain, the path leads you higher and higher. After an hour or so, you are now close enough to the castle to see the multicolored banners floating in the wind. There seems to be a festival of some sort there. Squinting your eyes, you notice tiny […]