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  • Gathering wood On the ground, it’s ours. We want it to be dry and not brittle. Mossy and damp won’t do. It’s tedious, it’s tiring and boring. But it’s a living. /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Quand c’est par terre, c’est à nous. Nous les voulons sec et […]

  • To the Village Traveling light, lost in nature.No way to scan, so here’s picturesI’m still drawing, I’m still chasingMy greatest dreams, soon is coming /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Je voyage léger, perdu dans les bois d’en hautPas de scan à portée, alors je prends photode mes rêves […]

  • Roaming Ghoul “It was not any mere artist’s interpretation that we saw; it was pandemonium itself, crystal clear in stark objectivity. That was it, by heaven! The man was not a fantaisiste or romanticist at all—he did not even try to give us the churning, prismatic ephemera of dreams, but coldly and sardonically reflected some […]

  • Village of Wrecknick A small landscape study, drawn in transportation. Thus explaining blurriness and shaking lines… I decided this village is an old place near the Black forest, named Wrecknick. Around 1892, a mud slide cut the village in half, rearranging the river’s path and bringing new strange blue crayfish in the stream. With this […]