Roaming Ghoul

“It was not any mere artist’s interpretation that we saw; it was pandemonium itself, crystal clear in stark objectivity. That was it, by heaven! The man was not a fantaisiste or romanticist at all—he did not even try to give us the churning, prismatic ephemera of dreams, but coldly and sardonically reflected some stable, mechanistic, and well-established horror-world which he saw fully, brilliantly, squarely, and unfalteringly. God knows what that world can have been, or where he ever glimpsed the blasphemous shapes that loped and trotted and crawled through it; but whatever the baffling source of his images, one thing was plain. Pickman was in every sense—in conception and in execution—a thorough, painstaking, and almost scientific realist.”

– Pickman’s Model, H.P.Lovecraft

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Commission for Paul Baldowski


Village of Wrecknick

A small landscape study, drawn in transportation. Thus explaining blurriness and shaking lines…

decided this village is an old place near the Black forest, named
Wrecknick. Around 1892, a mud slide cut the village in half, rearranging
the river’s path and bringing new strange blue crayfish in the stream.
With this new wealth, the inhabitants rebuilt their homes, while keeping
the steep that brought them such good luck.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook