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  • Doing my part Really busy lately, and yet I’m lucky enough to be able to do so, so I’m getting vaccinated.It’s a small deal for me, and a big deal for you. I’m doing my part, I hope you too.Vaccines works. /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Très occupé […]

  • Alternative treatments Are you for real? You’re starting to know what I’m made of and yet you keep fighting me with… random flowers and crystals? And you, are you just trying to shift the blame by pointing the finger?And you… Oh please, do keep spaying me with droplets of holy water, that’ll do nicely.What now? […]

  • Still Alive ! We’re still alive!After a month of trouble, I can finally see the dawn coming. I can start to breathe again a little.  Take care my friends. We’re indeed living in interesting times. *** Je suis toujours vivant ! Après un mois de galère, je vois enfin le jour. Je peux enfin commencer […]