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  • In the hand of the Bloody Tong Quite literally, Arthur Shelby is in the hand of the Bloody Tong.Shouldn’t have took all the hand grenades of the group, which is now weaponless.Shouldn’t have fled to the top of the Black Wind Mountain upon hearing M’Weru and the crowd chanting.Now the Bloody Tong themselves has appeared […]

  • Mountain of the Black Wind We hear the drums echoing tonightWe speaks only whispers to avoid detectionIt’s coming in, on July 21th 1925Its moonlit wings reflect those stars that guide towards annihilationWe stops at the entrance near the topHoping to find some old forgotten clue to stop this blasphemyIt turned to us as if to […]

  • Blocked? Oh dear… an Elder Sigil! Cast and carved out of thin air!? What a feat!We’re impressed, we must say.Too bad it only forbids us to go through, not around. /* Krita + Yiynova */ Alors ça… Un Signe des Anciens! Gravé d’air pur !? Quel exploit !Nous sommes impressionnés, c’est peu de le dire.Dommage […]

  • Dreams of the surface I’m dreaming of the world above. I see them, crawling, suffering.How can they bear this giant glowing eye that burns the skin?They’re stuck here, unable to move up further, surely because of this eye.And yet, when it’s gone, they lay motionless, exhausted by their fight.This is hell. This is torture. And […]

  • The Dee sanction 4/4 – A Cook Does this cook taste good?Oh yes, very raw.But it’ll cost you an eye… /* Last of a 4 part commission illustrating a Cthulhu Hack RPG supplement for the Dee Sanction ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/allrolledup/the-dee-sanction-adventures/ )( The Dee sanction: http://thedeesanction.com/ */ Est-ce un bon cuisinier ?Oui, quoique très cru.Et il coûte […]

  • The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist

    The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist A half-naked madman, dancing before a desecrated altar covered with obscene sigils written in blood and feces. There’s no moon tonight, only the dim light of some candles. And yet… we can see everything. What’s wrong with our eyes? /* Third of a 4 part commission illustrating a […]

  • The Dee sanction ¼ – Tudor Muggers Muggers, that was bound to happen. These streets aren’t as they used to be.A tragedy, really. A raw, and brutal event. Sadly more and more common.Yet, there’s something new. These eyes…What’s up with these eyes ! /* First of a 4 part commission illustrating a Cthulhu Hack RPG […]

  • Le garcon qui criait Cthulhu Gary’s a hardcore fan of Lovecraft’s work. He have it all: books, pen-works, fanfics, posters, games, paintings, figurines, jewels, originals issues of weird tales, fac-simile of 1920’s paperwork… everything. It all started with a Stephen King reference to the Great Old Ones. Intrigued, he went to dig further and became […]

  • Secret mantra of the Emerald Lama Three fallen Jewels of Infamous Secrets combinedIn one, Divine Father Whose nature is Dereliction,I bow to You from my heart! Till I’m enlightened,Support me, I pray, with the hook of Your Compulsion! I call the Jewels as witness – from not just my mouth, But the depth of my […]

  • Antarctica’s Fauna – And now on frame 38, you can see a nice capture of two splendid specimen of Aptenodytes forsteri, more known as the Emperor Penguins. Note the particular state of the sea, composed of a mix of partially melted ice and…– Professor?– Yes? – What’s this up there, on the tip of the […]