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  • The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist

    The Dee sanction ¾ – A Cultist A half-naked madman, dancing before a desecrated altar covered with obscene sigils written in blood and feces. There’s no moon tonight, only the dim light of some candles. And yet… we can see everything. What’s wrong with our eyes? /* Third of a 4 part commission illustrating a […]

  • The Dee sanction ¼ – Tudor Muggers Muggers, that was bound to happen. These streets aren’t as they used to be.A tragedy, really. A raw, and brutal event. Sadly more and more common.Yet, there’s something new. These eyes…What’s up with these eyes ! /* First of a 4 part commission illustrating a Cthulhu Hack RPG […]

  • Le garcon qui criait Cthulhu Gary’s a hardcore fan of Lovecraft’s work. He have it all: books, pen-works, fanfics, posters, games, paintings, figurines, jewels, originals issues of weird tales, fac-simile of 1920’s paperwork… everything. It all started with a Stephen King reference to the Great Old Ones. Intrigued, he went to dig further and became […]

  • Secret mantra of the Emerald Lama Three fallen Jewels of Infamous Secrets combinedIn one, Divine Father Whose nature is Dereliction,I bow to You from my heart! Till I’m enlightened,Support me, I pray, with the hook of Your Compulsion! I call the Jewels as witness – from not just my mouth, But the depth of my […]

  • Antarctica’s Fauna – And now on frame 38, you can see a nice capture of two splendid specimen of Aptenodytes forsteri, more known as the Emperor Penguins. Note the particular state of the sea, composed of a mix of partially melted ice and…– Professor?– Yes? – What’s this up there, on the tip of the […]

  • Crashing the yacht party – Watch out, darling, someone is about to crash the party!– From where, my dear?– From under I think.– underclass?– underseas. *** – Ma chère, je crois bien que nous avons un invité surprise.– Qui donc, mon très cher ?– Un Ancien.– Votre grand-père?– Non, un Grand Ancien. Watercolor pencil on […]

  • The Horror in Clay It’s summer, time to relax. It was so long since I touched clay. I didn’t realized that I missed this peculiar feeling when you pinch and twist and carve a lump of earth. The shapes are more whispered by the materia to my subconscious than forced by my sheer force of […]

  • Under the sea Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waitin’ for me My lover stands on golden sand And watches the ships that go sailin’– Franck Sinatra – Beyond the Sea Watercolor pencils on A5 sketchbook / Crayons aquarelle sur carnet A5

  • Not as strong – Ugh… The young todays…– Yeah right? A simple glimpse of the occult and… Pathetic.– In my time I had the guts to decipher the Voynich and to study the Necronomicon, Look at him! He just skimmed the table of content. *** – Ah les jeunes aujourd’hui…– N’est-ce pas, hein ? Un […]

  • Negociations with the Spiders of Leng The people of the dreamlands don’t usually travel a lot. And if they were, certainly not to the Great Plateau of Leng.This frozen desolate place is a hazard in itself, and the strange inhabitants are feared. especially the cruel and vicious Spiders of Leng.Larger that a horse, they are […]