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  • Backyard problem – Honey, why you didn’t cut the elm in the backyard?– I did! Several times, now. – That’s impossible.– I swear, I cut it nice and clean and the next morning it is all grown again! Even the wood I cut’s gone. Somethings happens during the night.– Then get your arse out there […]

  • Shard Flowers

    Shard Flowers When the succession war broke, Bredwin the Glassmaker had to move from the Plains of Conflant to the west coast. Displacing an entire glass-making workshop is quite the hassle, and he drop many items along the way, tools, shards of enchanted glass, arcane sand… With time, some of the magical shard of glass […]

  • You cut my tree Why did you cut my tree ?It was mine. I planted it.I watched it grows.You cut it.I will cut tooI will cut you. Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook