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  • Tentacle Flavored Sandwich

    Tentacle Flavored Sandwich And now a word from our sponsor : “Come on and grab a bite of our worlds famous Tentacle Flavored Sandwich, quick while it’s still squirming! You won’t regret it, each ingredient is made with the upmost care and the freshest goods we can get our hands upon! Our Tentacle Flavored Sandwich […]

  • The strongest coffee – Tell you what mate, I recogn’. That’ is a damn strong one.– Yer dare me for “the strongest coffee y’got” Here it is. Now drink it.– Hugh… ok, Can I least get a fork? *** – Ok Roger, t’as gagné. C’est bien le plus costaud que j’ai vu.– Hé, fallait pas […]

  • Bakeneko The sword is just lying there, on the table. You want it. You know all about its exquisite craftsmanship, sturdiness and magic nature just by the way it looks. You can already imagine its weight in you hand, and feel the faint aura of consciousness emanating from it.What you can’t figure out is the […]