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  • To my beloved departed To my beloved husband, Cheers!What can I say my dear? I told you this flu is different. You were wrong. But that can’t be, right? You were always right. You knew everything… how could you be *wrong*?Now, you’re no more and I’m still. So by *your* logic, since there’s *one* thing […]

  • Nothing’s left My husband’s dead, so is my brother.So is my sister, so is my daugther.My home is gone, I’ve got nobodyI’m even missing half of my son’s bodyWhat am I now? I can do but one thingWaiting for the end, I’m just watering. *** Mon mari est mort. Mon frère aussiMa soeur est partie. […]

  • Ghost Pantheon The Panthon of Paris is a huge mausoleum, A place to honor the memories of famous departed.To us, the living, this place is quite solemn and quiet.From the other side, it must be a blast! *** Le Panthéon de Paris est un immense mausolée.Un endroit où l’on honore la mémoire des illustres disparus.Pour […]

  • (Not) forgotten The memories of the departed lingers onYou say : Never let them go of your mind, go on!Yet as the candles burns dimmer day after day,Blurried by time, all the memories fades away, *** Priant devant l’autel de nos chers disparus Tu me dis : Ne jamais les laisser s’effacer!Les bougies jour après […]