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  • Keep talking, silver tongue Keep talking, silver tong, I’m enjoying your flattering babble.I am old and wary of the same old tricks, so be creativeKeep talking, silver tong,  and you may live some more.I am old and rich, be refreshing and I’ll reward you with some baubbles *** Continue de parler, vil flatteur, j’apprécie tes […]

  • Escaping the cliche – Ah my beloved, here with you, I feel good. I feel free. No more pretentious knights in shining armor!– Indeed, my dear. You know, many follows our footsteps and refuse that was once the norm.– We’re escaping this ridiculous cliche of the damsel in distress to be rescued. – But doing […]

  • (S)lay the dragon King William has summoned Sir Grisbopus and ordered him to slay the ferocious dragon which was menacing the faraway village of Heckwynot. The brave knight went far and fight hard to reach the place, ignored the concerns of the villagers and wen straight to the lair of the ferocious beast. Sir Grisbopus […]