Tag: druid

  • Ruines and trees There’s now trees growing on what was a splendid castle. See kitty, to grow is to die a little. To grow as new people, we needed to let go of our castle.Now look, on the ruins of our certitudes is growing our strongest convictions. ***Les arbres poussent maintenant là ou s’élevait un […]

  • Metamorphosis My feet are firmly planted on the groud underMy hands are both raised high in the sky overTelluric currents running through me, changing meI am becoming one with the world now you see *** Mes pieds fermement plantés dans le sol dessousMes bras fièrement levés vers les cieux, s’agitentLes courants telluriques me traversent, c’est […]

  • Tranquility The furor of the world in only a whisper there. It is a fine place, where you can relax. A gentle wind is grazing your hair. inside the cool shadow of a venerable tree you rest on soft grass, listening to the sound of the river nearby, the chant of hidden birds and wind […]

  • The source maker I searched long and hard, the mountains and the plainsI found it in at last ! The source of all, flowing free,Crystal pure water, nectar to the palate that stings the mindAll along the way, it was there. Within myself. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook