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  • Shard Flowers

    Shard Flowers When the succession war broke, Bredwin the Glassmaker had to move from the Plains of Conflant to the west coast. Displacing an entire glass-making workshop is quite the hassle, and he drop many items along the way, tools, shards of enchanted glass, arcane sand… With time, some of the magical shard of glass […]

  • Tubes

    Tubes The great multi-eyed squids of Altair V never bother to become amphibious. They rather build more aqueous tubes of transportation and give underwater respiratory apparatus to their guests. Is it pride? Laziness? When asked about, they always elude the questions and keep referring mysteriously to the ways of the Great Resonance. Strange people indeed, […]

  • Bottled plant I’m tiny and enclosed,But with sunshine and dewI am trying to grewEnough to push the lid *** Je suis petite, enferméeMais avec soleil et roséeJ’espère grandir assezpour ce couvercle renverser Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6