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  • Tarvos trigaranus Three white cranes flying aroundThree strong horns standing proudThree times larger is the white bullOne single axe is enough for Esus (Happy Year of the Bull (in advance) to everybody!) *** Krita on Yiynova ***…immitis placatur sanguine diroTeutates, horrensque feris altaribus EsuEt Taranis Scythicae non mitior Dianae.*** Trois grues blanches volent de concertTrois […]

  • Under the sea Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waitin’ for me My lover stands on golden sand And watches the ships that go sailin’– Franck Sinatra – Beyond the Sea Watercolor pencils on A5 sketchbook / Crayons aquarelle sur carnet A5

  • Summoning faith Oh me Lord,I’m in need of guidanceShall I seek by meself your visions?Or shall I wait them in contemplation? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook,From Vision of St Francis of Assisi, Luis Tristan *** Oh seigneur, me guiderez vous ?Je ne sais si je dois chercher vos visions,Ou les attendre en contemplation. Porte-mine sur […]

  • Weeping god – Oh whoao! This one’s huge!– Wait ‘til you see underwater how more of it they are.– Is it.. crying?– All the time. – I think i hear it weeping…– So soon? Time to go then. Now. *** – Oh whoa ! Il est énorme celui-là !– Et encore, t’a pas vu sous […]

  • Confused God – Behold Askfgl, the Confused God!– The God of Confusion?– No. *** – Voilà, contemple Askfgl, le Dieu Confus !– Le dieu de la confusion ?– Non. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / POrte-mine sur carnet A6

  • The thing in the woods My grandpa used to say : “In the woods, there’s something, Do the rites. Pray the woods” he told us, he taught us But we thrived to survive, uncaring, forgetting,Grandpa’s dead, the thing’s there, and it has come for us. *** Mon grand père nous disait : “Ya des choses […]

  • Inktober 2019 – 16 – Wild They call us savage.Not civilized. Wild peoples.But we know our old ways have a reason, not theirs.We ain’t cutting the trees, they did. We respect the sea, not them.We know how to appease the One beneath the waves. Not them. *** Ils nous traitent de primitifs. Non civilisés. Sauvages.Mais […]

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Flying Spaghetti Monster Meat another Great New One! I am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thou shalt have no other monsters before Me (Afterwards is OK; just use protection). The only Monster who deserves capitalization is Me! Other monsters are false monsters, undeserving of capitalization. —  Suggestions 1:1 – The Loose canon of Pastafarianism *** Je suis le […]

  • The Omnissiah

    The Omnissiah “Toll the Great Bell Once! Pull the Lever forward to engage the Piston and Pump… Toll the Great Bell Twice! With push of Button fire the Engine And spark Turbine into life… Toll the Great Bell Thrice! Sing Praise to the God of All Machines !” – Catechism of the Autoculus of Mars […]

  • Drop of Genesis

    Drop of Genesis Aldin the Great has said to all: That the world is fermentable, Know this : that at the end of all Aldin will distillate our souls. In His Celestial Alambic, He will blend our spirits and mix To create bubbles, worlds anew Sparkling with joy and life renewed Ebrieted pencil doodle on […]