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  • Nothing’s left My husband’s dead, so is my brother.So is my sister, so is my daugther.My home is gone, I’ve got nobodyI’m even missing half of my son’s bodyWhat am I now? I can do but one thingWaiting for the end, I’m just watering. *** Mon mari est mort. Mon frère aussiMa soeur est partie. […]

  • Time Moving Still Time is moving stillStill is moving the timeI’m stuck, In search, I’m illIs it time to ditch the frame? *** Le temps s’écoule sans finSans bouger s’écoule mon tempsJe bloque, je cherche, maladivementPuis-je sortir du cadre enfin ? Wacom Intuos + Gimp        

  • The strange trees – Here they are Sir. – Hum… Very strange indeed. – At first I thought they were gone but they’re still there! You can touch them if you want.– Seems magical. I’ll go tell the Royal Sorcerer. He’ll know what this is all about. *** – Les voilà, sire.– Hum… étrange en […]