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  • Bad Reading – So brother, how’s the study’s going?– Askfgl…– Hum, this god’s quite the obscure one.– Yooorglbl…– This one too? Oh my! You found quite the rare tome, my brother!– Erkblaarg…– Now you’re talking nonsense. No way this one is associated with the others. *** – Alors mon frère, ça avance cette étude ?– […]

  • Never read out loud

    Never read out loud Do you thought it was fun, it was safe, To sneak in, inside your daddy’s safe, To borrow this old book, without fear, To read it, to mock it, loud and clear? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook Do you too want a doodle from me? Just tell me at https://ko-fi.com/Astanael *** Pensiez-vous […]