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  • Just a Maid – 36 – Wont you try some meat? – Come on, eat, Mr Jollybottom. You’re getting thinner and you still can’t fly well. – Caw! (No way!)– I know you rather have some biscuit but it’s not good for you. You must eat raw meat.– Rwaark! (It smells disgusting !)– I still […]

  • Adventure – Caught by the vines It only took a slight moment of inattention. Now there’s vines around your wrist, vines with eyes! It keep growing and moving, and wriggling around you! You must do something! What will you do? – Attack the vines– Let the vines grab you, maybe they’re harmless?– Get free and […]

  • Handy man Let him give you a heads up,For he will not lend you a hand,And please accept his helpOr meet his friends with more legs *** Ne le laissez pas vous tenir têteAcceptez son coup de mainCar sinon il il s’entêteEt vous présente ses copains Wacom intuos + Gimp

  • Still in Hell Will be back soon ! Alginate modeled latex hand, dried by the fire of hell. *** Bientot de retour ! Latex moulé par prise d’alginate et laissé rôtir aux feux de l’enfer.

  • Hand of Glory Lit it up and see the beyondOpen the gates and enterLet it shone upon GehemonTo open Moloch’s lair  Will you dare? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook