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  • Handy man Let him give you a heads up,For he will not lend you a hand,And please accept his helpOr meet his friends with more legs *** Ne le laissez pas vous tenir têteAcceptez son coup de mainCar sinon il il s’entêteEt vous présente ses copains Wacom intuos + Gimp

  • Radioactive – Ok, how am I doing so far?– I can’t tell you that, you know. After the exam.– Oh come on, at least tell me if i made a big mistake!– All I can say is that you should check your protection gear is complete again.– The hat! I forgot the hat! Oh I’m […]

  • Our god’s heads Our gods are gone. We still have their heads, ‘though.Their eyes shine in the dark, their tong are sticking out.As if they are mocking us, a last gesture of defiance.After all, it is us that chase them away. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook