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  • My little place It’s my little place. It’s not much, a simple hole under the banks.I’t damp, it’s dark, it’s small. But it’s mine. *** C’est mon petit coin. C’est pas beaucoup, juste un trou dans les berges de la rivière.C’est humide. C’est sombre. C’est petit.Mais c’est à moi. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / […]

  • Ink Dragon At last, they’re free! Free from their underground prison, Free to soar the skies and set the world ablaze!Fear the burst of Wrath that had be contained for too long ! *** Enfin ils sont libres !Libérés de leurs prisons souterrainesLibres de s’envoler dans les cieux et de carboniser les contraintes de ce […]

  • The Holing Tree

    The Holing Tree – Sir! Behold what you’ve tasked us to find: The Holing Tree! – Sigh… I said: HOLY tree, not HOLING. You morons! – Oh… Deeply sorry sir. Er… Can’t we use it anyway? We searched long and hard and it looks nice. – It will have to do. *** – Chef! Contemplez […]