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  • Lord Timmy 08 – Choc Human bodies aren’t like meat vessels. you can’t remotely control them like puppets, safely hidden in a corner of their mind. A possession is more like intertwining your own thoughts and memories with the target’s, unable to say thereafter which ones were yours to begin with. Right now, the fusion […]

  • Exhausted

    Exhausted A hit won’t kill us on its own A thousand ones will bring us down Kneeling in our own blood, we bow To the last and backstabbing blow Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Un simple coup ne nous brise. Un millier, et chancelants, A genoux dans notre sang, Vaincus par l’ultime traitrise Criterium […]

  • Consequences of consequences – Tell me zombie doctor, how is it? – Very bad I’m afraid. What was he thinking? – I honestly don’t know. I was there, minding my business, and this silly fellow here started screaming all of a sudden and jumped from up there. I think I heard several thunks and a […]

  • Soul crushing words Words can hurt.Use them wisely. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook EDIT : This drawing is a part of a two-sided piece on words that can heal or hurt. I should have begun by the healing first. Sorry if I involuntarily raised some flags, everything is quite fine, I assure you.