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  • The strange trees – Here they are Sir. – Hum… Very strange indeed. – At first I thought they were gone but they’re still there! You can touch them if you want.– Seems magical. I’ll go tell the Royal Sorcerer. He’ll know what this is all about. *** – Les voilà, sire.– Hum… étrange en […]

  • Stupid Power Gimme Money and I’ll stop singing. Maybe. *** Filez-moi de la thune et j’arrêterai de chanter. Ou pas. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook pour le challenge #StupidPowers / Porte-mine sur carnet A6 pour le challenge #StupidPowersMy randomly generated mashup was: “Musical Theater Enthusiast Raises Money for Local Charity With Power to Turn Invisible […]