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  • Just a Maid – 36 – Wont you try some meat? – Come on, eat, Mr Jollybottom. You’re getting thinner and you still can’t fly well. – Caw! (No way!)– I know you rather have some biscuit but it’s not good for you. You must eat raw meat.– Rwaark! (It smells disgusting !)– I still […]

  • Just a maid – 35 – Missed me? Did you miss me? I sure missed you. I don’t know what left you away so long.Maybe the narrator needed a pause to come up with new ideas.Would you… would it make you happy to learn about my latest adventure? /* Pencil Doodle on A6 sketchbook for […]

  • Josephine’s difficult childhood Josephine had a very difficult childhood, moving a lot from one school to another. Unfortunately, everywhere’s the same story: At first she have the hardest time to integrate among others children. They keep teasing her until she loose it and “integrate” them, forcing the family to move rather quickly elsewhere. *** Joséphine […]

  • Just a Maid -31- New shirt – It’s very nice to you to help me with the laundry,  Mr Crow. I almost forgive you for the letter, – Caw!– Indeed… Hu? I don’t remember ever seen this shirt. It’s not one of Monsieur… And it stinks! *** – C’est très gentil à toi de m’aider […]

  • Just a maid -27- Where should I put you?

    Just a maid -27- Where should I put you? So… Where shoul I put you to get a nice view? *** Bien… Où pourrai-je vous poser pour disposer d’une bonne vue ? Pencil Doodle on A6 sketchbook for Just a Maid, a story about Martha, maid in a strange house Criterium sur carnet A6 pour […]