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  • Blup – Since you’re insisting, Darling, see for yourself with whom I spend my evenings.– With THAT!?– …that, Darling, is our child. *** – Puisque vous insistez, ma chère. Voyez donc par vous-même avec qui je passe mes soirées.– Avec ça !?– … ça, ma chère, est notre enfant. Wacom Intuos + Krita. Too much […]

  • I am no medic – Like I said earlier, I am no medic.– Whatever. Can you fix him?– Oh, sure!– Hold on! Drop the gun! Why the gun?– Well, they are easier to fix when they are not complaining. So less fuss. I’ll resuscitate him later.– Hey you both, can I have a saying in […]

  • Examination Dr Bretzelovich was baffled. So was Dr Acharya and Dr Levinov and all the others.The army has contacted each of them individually, telling they manage to extract a sentient being from another dimension.The opportunity of a life time!  They didn’t knew what to expect, but certainly not that. They tried every method of communication, […]

  • Science ! – MOUHAHAHA! With the power of Science, I will rule them all!– That is not science.– Excuse me?– What you are doing is just fooling around, at best fiddling.– But…but… I’ve got labcoat, tubes, equations and everything!– That is lab work, not science.– But I’m experimenting, mixing stuff! creating something anew!– Then it’s […]