Science !

– MOUHAHAHA! With the power of Science, I will rule them all!
– That is not science.
– Excuse me?
– What you are doing is just fooling around, at best fiddling.
– But…but… I’ve got labcoat, tubes, equations and everything!
– That is lab work, not science.
– But I’m experimenting, mixing stuff! creating something anew!
– Then it’s art.
– What is science, then?
– Careful observation, reasonable skepticism, formulating hypotheses and only then confronting them and testing them with rigorous experimentation.
– Sounds complicated. And then you’re done ?
– No, then you repeat.
– Until when?
– You never really stop. Everything can and must be reexamined to the light of new facts.
– Hum… Ok, I get it.
– So are you ready to make Science?
– What? No! By the power of Lab work I will rule them all! MOUHAHAHAHA!

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook