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  • Pumping City Drop by drop, fluids are pumpedThrough the tubes, through the pipesFrom the city belowTo the machines aboveTo what purpose? No one knows. *** Plic, ploc, plic, ploc, les pompes pompentLes fluides de la citée basseVers les machines des nuagesPourquoi ? Personne ne le sait. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet […]

  • Tubes

    Tubes The great multi-eyed squids of Altair V never bother to become amphibious. They rather build more aqueous tubes of transportation and give underwater respiratory apparatus to their guests. Is it pride? Laziness? When asked about, they always elude the questions and keep referring mysteriously to the ways of the Great Resonance. Strange people indeed, […]

  • Science ! – MOUHAHAHA! With the power of Science, I will rule them all!– That is not science.– Excuse me?– What you are doing is just fooling around, at best fiddling.– But…but… I’ve got labcoat, tubes, equations and everything!– That is lab work, not science.– But I’m experimenting, mixing stuff! creating something anew!– Then it’s […]