Pending analysis

Research Log 1986-05-065
The sample seems to stay stable this time. Let’s see…
Viscosity…ok. Temperature… consistent. Gamma radiation level…

That’s can’t be good.

*** Krita + Yiynova ***

Entrée de journal 1986-05-065.
L’échantillon semble stable cette fois. Voyons voir…
Viscosité…ok. Température… normale. Radiation gamma….

C’est pas bon ça.      


Don’t forget about me

Don’t worry, I’m truly fine. I am not an anonymous sacrifice. My name’s Bobo.
I have toys, water, food, petting, lot of space and many friends.

I know my work is irreplaceable. I know I’m helping, and I’m glad to do it for you.
I’m not suffering, I assure you, my life is quite pleasant and there’s wild forest in my future.


Just don’t forget about me, about what I’ve done for you, ok?


Ne vous inquiétez pas, je vais bien. Vraiment. Je ne suis pas un sacrifice anonyme. Mon nom est Bobo.
J’ai de l’eau, de la bonne nourriture, pleins de jouets, des larges espaces pour courir et plein d’amis.
Je sais que mon rôle est irremplaçable. Je sais que mon aide est précieuse et je suis content de pouvoir aider.
Je ne souffre pas, je vous l’assure. En fait, ma vie est plutôt agréable et je sais que de grande forets vierges m’attendent dans le futur.
C’est juste que…
C’est juste que j’aimerai que vous n’oubliez pas ce que j’ai fait pour vous, ok ?

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6      



Dr Bretzelovich was baffled. So was Dr Acharya and Dr Levinov and all the others.
The army has contacted each of them individually, telling they manage to extract a sentient being from another dimension.
The opportunity of a life time!
didn’t knew what to expect, but certainly not that. They tried every
method of communication, they peeked, probed, measured and scanned for a
while without finding a clue.

Dr Acharya let his clipboard fall to the ground.

– “This is no use. I want…I just want to give it a hug.”

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook


Science !

– MOUHAHAHA! With the power of Science, I will rule them all!
– That is not science.
– Excuse me?
– What you are doing is just fooling around, at best fiddling.
– But…but… I’ve got labcoat, tubes, equations and everything!
– That is lab work, not science.
– But I’m experimenting, mixing stuff! creating something anew!
– Then it’s art.
– What is science, then?
– Careful observation, reasonable skepticism, formulating hypotheses and only then confronting them and testing them with rigorous experimentation.
– Sounds complicated. And then you’re done ?
– No, then you repeat.
– Until when?
– You never really stop. Everything can and must be reexamined to the light of new facts.
– Hum… Ok, I get it.
– So are you ready to make Science?
– What? No! By the power of Lab work I will rule them all! MOUHAHAHAHA!

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook