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  • Swamp temple Lost in the lake lost in the swamp,Eldia’s temple is not too closeSome pray here in the cold and dampSome for a lost love, some to lost love /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Egaré dans le lac au fond du vieux maraisLe temple d’Eldia était autrefois […]

  • Winter lake It is a nice place, refreshing in the heat of summer.No one knows why it is called like that, winter lakeBecause for as long as men can rememberNever ever it has froze or seen a snowflake *** C’est un très bel endroit, rafraîchissant en étéNul ne sais pourquoi on le nomme le Lac […]

  • Lake Mansion Oh, I wish to find the perfect home,I’m longing for a place of my ownThe laws of the land are very harshTo be frank, many owners are trash. *** Ah que j’espère un jour avoir mon pied à terreUne demeure que je pourrais enfin dire mienneMais la loi du sol est rude et […]