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  • Rare specimen – And to your left, a very rare specimen of late 2nd millenium photosynthesis appartatus : a Threa.– Oooooh!– So pretty!– meh. It seriously lack symmetry– Where’s the control panel? *** – Et maintenant sur votre gauche, un rare spécimen de convertisseur photosynthétique du 2ème millénaire : un Narbeu.– Ooooh !– Que c’est […]

  • One last time It’s the last docking of my Emeline. We traveled far and wide, together, but it’s no safe anymore. It hurts to see her suffer like that, to hear the hull’s cracking and the cough of the engine. I feel the rust’s slowly creeping underneath the paint like the disease underneath my skin.Lest […]

  • Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing What’s the point of fighting, When everyone’s dying? When your home is burning? Why did you keep standing? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Pourquoi encore lutter ? Ton château à brûlé, Tes gens sont décédés, Pourquoi diable résister ? Criterium sur carnet A6