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  • Desert Ride Tally Ho! ‘tis a long ride to the waterStay up right and straight brotherTally Ho! ’tis a long ride through the desertKeep yer chin high brother and stay alert. *** Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** Hue Dia ! La route est longue jusqu’√† l’eauReste bien droit sur ta selle mon fr√©rotHue Dia […]

  • Lizard Soldier Behold the brand new product of Geno-Bellus Inc.:– 32% more perceptive, with enhanced FoV spectrum!– 45% more tactical, with sismical geo-perception capabilities!– 72% less ego, for better loyaltiness and orders apprehention!– and last but not least: 7123% more B52 strenghabilitatude! BUY NOW and get a brand new sex robodoll of you choice*!*not available […]

  • Meet the staff – Mr. Sleazy Doubleface At first, Mr Slesea Dablefouce seems like a nice guy, helpful and all. You chitchat for a while and starts to appreciate the wits of this very charming guy. Then he starts dissing with you on them. How they’re backstabbing you, how they’re spreading lies about you. Only […]