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  • Lord Timmy 08 – Choc Human bodies aren’t like meat vessels. you can’t remotely control them like puppets, safely hidden in a corner of their mind. A possession is more like intertwining your own thoughts and memories with the target’s, unable to say thereafter which ones were yours to begin with. Right now, the fusion […]

  • Lord Timmy 07 – Payback – It’s payback time, you creep !– Ok. Demon incarnate before me. Broke her restrains, very angry. Spells won’t work. No clothes, no tools, no weapons… Can’t be worse.– I give you one last ch…– Listen, I know you’re you’re angry, it’s because you have your period, right?– Ok. that’s […]

  • Possession is not invocation So Mr. Wizard, what are you gonna do know?A possession is not an invocation. No more magic circle of protection.No more word of banishing.No more extra planar matter bending to your will and arcanic powers.Just a human.A human you were ready to sacrifice,A human with demonic strength now far beyond yours.A […]

  • Lord Timmy grants you audience – I thank thee, Lord Timmy for granting us audience– bababi!– I.. I can? What an honor to be allowed to wear the Ritual Chapel of Rememberance. So be it. May the blessed Cone bring me wisdom!– Very well, then I shall held yer mouth scepter for thee, Lord Timmy.– […]