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  • Escaping the cliche – Ah my beloved, here with you, I feel good. I feel free. No more pretentious knights in shining armor!– Indeed, my dear. You know, many follows our footsteps and refuse that was once the norm.– We’re escaping this ridiculous cliche of the damsel in distress to be rescued. – But doing […]

  • Shadow Lovers From the Chained Road leading to the Triborne marketplace, there is an old archway called the Lovers Passage. It marks the limit between two of the oldest houses of the town that had been inhabited by rival families for centuries. When the summer sun is high and shadows are sparse but deep, you […]

  • Embrace Once we’ve shed the layers of clothingIn the warm embrace of each otherThat is the moment we discover, Nudity implies intimacy, *** Ecoutant ton coeur battre, dans tes bras lovéeEnlacées l’une contre l’autre, nos sens mélangésJe comprends enfin cette simple véritéSe dévêtir, c’est offrir son intimité Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur […]