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  • Magical Cestus Wrapping my fist with the sturdiest leather is not enough. Brass rivets are not enough. I want more, I want to win all the fights. I want to hear the whole Arena cheer for me, loudly, like no one before!So I added words to my cestus. Magical words. Words of hurt and mayhem.Is […]

  • What an adventure! – Aye Shelly. Happy now?– Oh Gregor, I am delighted! We got a jeweled crown, shiny swords, beautiful carpets and so much gold! And look, pointy magic sticks!– Careful with that! Yer know, I don’t think you were s’ppose to took it. They prepared riddles and stuff for us, I think… I […]

  • Mushroom turf war – 1 – You’re a moving tree, ergo this is not your place. So, leave!– Oh!? and what about you? Yer have a home somewhere, dont’cha?– Irrelevant, Mushrooms are for everybody. I say, we split.– In yer dreams! They’re mine and mine alone. Get lost!– Don’t bark at me, or else…– Or […]

  • Crosswind Peak High above the clouds, far away into the high mountains of Skirspaal hangs the most sacred place of the Wind Chapel, protected by an everlasting storm like no navigator has ever seen. According to the Gospel of the Breeze, the Crosswind Peak is the place where all winds originate and return. No one […]