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  • Inktober 11 – Sour It gonna test sour in my mouth, you know.but yer see… I lost my cousin Bert to some shitty ETI like you. I won’t… I can’t……Sorry,…Now die, Raven! /* Krita + Yiynova */ [STORY START] Ca m’laissera un gout amer dans la bouche, tu sais.Mais tu vois… j’ai perdu mon cousin […]

  • Inktober 10 – Pick So… yer pressure’s too high said the doc?Sorry Raven. I got a solution right here. Never liked you anyway /* Krita + Yiynova */ [STORY START] Alors comme ça Doc a dit que ta pression était trop haute ?Eh ben tant pis pour toi, Raven. J’ai la solution mais j’suis pas […]

  • Adventure – Killing the Goblin So you’ve done it. It was easy, to slay the goblin. After all, they were harmless. Not even thinking for an instant that you would slice your blades upon his back.They were more surprised than anything. They fell on the ground with a faint “Why?” and it was over. As […]

  • Inktober 2019 – 09 – Swing “Praise our Lord, and drink the magic potion,Praise our Lord, and hold victim in position,Praise our Lord, and swing the knife in motion,And we’ll all stay freeee!” – From traditional : © Kay Kyser – Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition *** – Je t’avais dit que la […]

  • Parliament of Crows He croaks and he caws and he awks.Above the crowd he’s now the clerk  His performance better be good,To sway the parliament’s mood *** Croasse, cacasse, craque et jacasse,Ce herault jamais ne se lasseCar si parlement ne délasseCorbeau finira à la casse. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / criterium sur carnet A6