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  • Dreams of the surface I’m dreaming of the world above. I see them, crawling, suffering.How can they bear this giant glowing eye that burns the skin?They’re stuck here, unable to move up further, surely because of this eye.And yet, when it’s gone, they lay motionless, exhausted by their fight.This is hell. This is torture. And […]

  • Returning to work Hey! Morning! Hehooo!Dang! This is the third bus that misses me. I have something on my face or what? ***Hé ! Bonjour ! HEHOOO ! Flute!  C’est au moins le troisième bus qui passe sans s’arrêter. J’ai quelque chose sur le nez ou quoi ? Wacom Intuos + Gimp

  • Just a maid, Ep. 18Have you seen Madam ? – So how was it ?– Ho ! Hi again Martha, so… when will I wee Madam ?– But you just have, Mr Poulpe.– I have ? Oh my…Yes I have… but…– There, there… do you want a cookie ?– But why… why ?– A cookie […]

  • Just a maid, Ep.17 : Madam is coming – Please wait here for a while, Madam will see you soon. Meanwhile would you care for more tea, Mr Poulpe ?– Oh yes, plebleblease. Ylou knowbln, I am febliy excited toble see Madam at lblblast. Tellblbl me, Howbl is she ?– You’ll see for yourself. (with […]

  • Octodad wedding – Oh darling, would you take me to be your faithful wife !– blublubbliblublablu– I…I don’t understand– fbliblublublublblblblbl ?– Oh yes, of course !   Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Octoswing What can I say, I really like drawing Octopii. Weeeeee ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Octowarrior …would be eight times ready for battle if it wasn’t using human gear. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Octoshopping Have you played a game named “Octodad ?” It is hilarious ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook