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  • Returning to work Hey! Morning! Hehooo!Dang! This is the third bus that misses me. I have something on my face or what? ***Hé ! Bonjour ! HEHOOO ! Flute!  C’est au moins le troisième bus qui passe sans s’arrêter. J’ai quelque chose sur le nez ou quoi ? Wacom Intuos + Gimp

  • Just a maid, Ep. 18Have you seen Madam ? – So how was it ?– Ho ! Hi again Martha, so… when will I wee Madam ?– But you just have, Mr Poulpe.– I have ? Oh my…Yes I have… but…– There, there… do you want a cookie ?– But why… why ?– A cookie […]

  • Just a maid, Ep.17 : Madam is coming – Please wait here for a while, Madam will see you soon. Meanwhile would you care for more tea, Mr Poulpe ?– Oh yes, plebleblease. Ylou knowbln, I am febliy excited toble see Madam at lblblast. Tellblbl me, Howbl is she ?– You’ll see for yourself. (with […]

  • Octodad wedding – Oh darling, would you take me to be your faithful wife !– blublubbliblublablu– I…I don’t understand– fbliblublublublblblblbl ?– Oh yes, of course !   Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Octoswing What can I say, I really like drawing Octopii. Weeeeee ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Octowarrior …would be eight times ready for battle if it wasn’t using human gear. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook

  • Octoshopping Have you played a game named “Octodad ?” It is hilarious ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook