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  • Terror on the Orient-Express – The Torso of Sedefkar [WARNING : Contains spoilers of the Milano chapter of the “Terror on the Orient Express” Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign. Players are advised to skip this part] Teatro alla Scala, Milano, Italy, Januarry 10 1923 Choura only dreamed of being there, on the stage of the […]

  • Terror on the Orient-ExpressTeatro alla Scalla backstage 9 jan. 1923 – Milan It was a bliss, Choura had always dreamed about visiting il Teatro alla Scala de Milano, and now he was backstage, looking for clues and the musical director ! He dared to hope… maybe… maybe he could land a role on tomorrow’s premiere […]

  • Terror on the Orient-ExpressWilliam Wellington January the 6th, 1923, Lausanne (Switzerland) The door bell rang downstairs. Edward get up of his chair and said :– Pleas excuse me for a moment, I was expecting someone that you might want to meet too. I’ll be right back.The moment Edgar left the small and cumbered kitchen, a […]

  • Terror on the Orient-ExpressA New player January the 6, 1923, Lausanne.06:45 am. Upon descending the Orient-Express, a cold fog grasped the four friends. pushing them to an open cafe just near the station. The bartender let them stack their heavy pile of luggage in a corner while waiting for the Grand Hotel carrier. They ordered […]

  • Terror on the Orient-Express – The bloodied Fez 5 Durward street, Whitechapel, London, 1893. – Well, what can you make of… that ?The doctor Saroch look upon his colleague. The doctor Hobbs was not someone easily shocked nor prone to sensationalism, and yet, he saw fear in his eyes. He bent over to the patient […]

  • Orient-Express – Heated discussion in Paris Paris, a café near the National Library, 1923, January the 15th, Choura was extremely nervous. This café was a gathering point for socialists wannabe and left-wing extremists. Not the kind of place you expect to visit when you are from Russian nobility. He took a glance at Carl, which […]