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  • Behold, Cat The Wise Archbishop of the Tetraverse don’t know what to do. Nor does the Subvizir of the Opalescent Aerial Palace.The crow’s whispering. William (the Megachancelor of the Iridescent Nirvana of the Universal Salvation) must do something, and quick… but what? There’s simply no precedent in the protocol.The intruder, a short-head female cat named […]

  • Climbing DNA Is evolution a red herring? The constant upward course of an unique code, unidirectional, improved with each iteration?No, of course.Going up or down the stream is all but linear. It’s like wandering though a time-maze, and infinity of trials and errors, ever intersecting and recrossing to spawn temporary solutions to a given situation. […]

  • Null Pull It looks like those pillars are defying gravity. But here at the Thaumic Core, there’s no gravity to defy. It’s true, gravitosnakes can reshape physics to their will. That’s why we harvest them. But their wills are only chaotic impulses. And as the result of blending all the colors is an unsaturated brownish […]

  • The big house of Lavendell There is a big house in the city of Lavendel. Not a large or tall house, a big one. You don’t realize at first what’s wrong with it, that something is messing with you eyes. Then you notice : it’s not a matter of size but of proportions, as if […]

  • Not made for people For sure, it’s a feat, it’s a masterpieceThe pinacle or architectural prowessA true wonder, But let me tell you allThat building is not meant for people *** Pour sur, c’est un chef d’oeuvre magistralLe pinacle de la création architecturalUne merveille aux décors les plus finsSeulement non faite pour nous humains Pencil […]

  • The Cave of Trial Grab on your sword and swing it!Ready your spell and cast it!Find the right path and take it!It’s a puzzle, now solve it! *** Brandis ton glaive, et frappe-le !Prépare ton sort, et lance-le !Trouve le chemin, et prends-le !C’est une énigme, sache donc le ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook […]

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    When opulence and misery are only separated by thin walls, expect the coming of a storm. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook