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  • Loyalty over Skills This is what happens when you choose loyalty over skills.When told to “Fight fire with fire” they’ll do it. without pesky questions. ***Voilà ce qui arrive quand on recrute uniquement sur la loyauté au lieu de la compétence.Quand on leur dit de “combattre le feu par le feu”, il le font, et […]

  • Tanks! One of my all times favorite scene from tv series is from Black Books, where Manny comes in this shady and dusty library searching for “The Little Book of Calm” and Bernand only propose him titles like “TANKS!” or “The history of screaming”. *** Une de mes scènes favorites de série télé est tirée […]

  •   Flower battle It’s… It’s the flowers.. They are alive !Fire ! Blast’them guys ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook