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  • Adventure – Only shapes of wood It’s no use, the plants are stronger. They want more blood. Your blood. As you breath is getting thinner and thinner, you feel sap slowly crawling into your veins. Roots and branches pierce and grow from your barked skin. Leaves sprouts onto your body. The pain is excruciating, but […]

  • It lacked flowers

    It lacked flowers – What are you doing!? – It lacked flowers. And plants in general. – But… – How can you live without plants? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook *** – Mais!? Que faites-vous? – J’ajoute des fleurs. – Mais… – Il en manquait. Des plantes aussi. Comment pouvez-vous vivre sans plantes ? Porte-mine […]

  • Just a Maid, Ep 28 : Watering the plants

    Just a Maid, Ep 28 : Watering the plants And today for my little flowers, a nice little cocktail of rabbit’s blood and ichor. You’ll grow in no time! A few more inches and our nocturnal visitors that keeps trampling my plantations will no longer be a issue. *** Aujourd’hui, pour mes petites fleures chéries, […]

  • River in the woods Come here by the river, away from the sun my lovedip your sore feet in the fresh water hear a gentle wind shake the leaves aboveAnd let us rest here a while together *** Viens te réfugier à l’ombre des arbresTrempe tes petits petons dans l’eau fraîcheÉcoute le vent chahuter les […]

  • Glade In the forest, there is a glade, soaked in sunlightA patch of light, jewel embedded in the forest   In this place grows a tiny tree, ‘tis not a jestStay for a while and you’ll see glowing at night ! *** Au plus profond des bois, une clairièreCachée entre les troncs, ecrin de lumièreEn […]

  • Summer Garden Imaging a sun so bright it burns your skin.The air is hot, almost unbreathable. But it’s ok, you’re under the plants shadows, you bare feet in the grass. Sweet fragrances are all around you. You have a cold aniseed drink at hand, and youd drawing pad on your laps. Birds are chirping, cicadas […]

  • Nice place to rest Grandma Jeanne found the strange eyed rock while strolling a forgotten path high up in the mountains. She tried to communicate numerous times with it while she carried it back to her home, but the rock never responded to her attempts, only gazing intensely at her and blinking occasionally. Once she […]

  • Lily of the valley Springs seems earlier each yearTell me you too has been awareOf the subtle changing of seasonHas man forgot how to reason? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook