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  • Smoktober 23 “When I was younger, smaller, often went to them.Here, take this. I promise no harm will come to youAs long as you hold it together. Just… be you”They takes a look at the smoke flowing out of the cave Elijah hesitate. His wife takes his hand and say:“Shall we dear?” She smiles “Tis […]

  • Radioactive – Ok, how am I doing so far?– I can’t tell you that, you know. After the exam.– Oh come on, at least tell me if i made a big mistake!– All I can say is that you should check your protection gear is complete again.– The hat! I forgot the hat! Oh I’m […]

  • Not prepared enough *Jeff Goldblum voice*– Mythos.. huh… finds a way. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook, on a request from Ghostwalker inspired by¬†https://www.deviantart.com/astanael/art/Surprise-from-my-kitchen-sink-790408092