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  • Beware of Dragons Fair enough… I don’t know what I expected. /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet A6 */ Ah bah oui… “Attention aux dragons” qu’il disait le vieux.

  • Taking Control – This is not what I meant by taking control and you know it!– Caw !– Don’t change the subject. *** – C’est pas ce que j’ai voulu dire par “Prendre le contrôle” et tu le sais.– Caw !– Change pas de sujet. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • Mr Eye Mr Eye is très chic. You see, he’s got the eyes for clothesHe doesn’t look no expenses to be seen on his best.Always watchful for novelties, Mr Eye is a visionary.***Mr. Oeil est très chic, Voyez-vous, il a l’oeil pour se vêtir.Il ne regarde pas à la dépense, car il faut voir et […]

  • Perseus vs Medusa – Come on, you monster! I don’t fear you! *thumping noise*– Ouch.*tumbling noise*– I know ‘bout your gaze… ’bout your hair…*sound of a vase breaking*– Oh dang it! Where are you?*sploch*– ha-HA! found you! Now gaze upon yourself in my shield’s reflexion!*splish*– Ouch! that’s… itch? *** – Allez, montre-toi Méduse ! Je […]

  • Djin in a bottle 02 – HUMMM… I DUNNO… IS IT GOOD?– Yeah man, th’s the finest. Many thanks!– MMMMH… THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME TO ME.– Naaah, Wine is like, men, the blood of the eaérth. – MAYBE. WELL, NOW YOU GOT YOUR WISH, I SHOULD BE GOING.– Awwww. Will you be back?– YOU […]

  • High vampire Ok, so now I’m a High Vampire.Now what? *** Bon, ayé. J’suis maintenant un Haut Vampire.Et après ? Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6

  • The Holing Tree

    The Holing Tree – Sir! Behold what you’ve tasked us to find: The Holing Tree! – Sigh… I said: HOLY tree, not HOLING. You morons! – Oh… Deeply sorry sir. Er… Can’t we use it anyway? We searched long and hard and it looks nice. – It will have to do. *** – Chef! Contemplez […]

  • Captain Tired – Running nose!– Sore throat!– Dizzying!– Headache!– Fever! – BY YOUR POWER COMBINED, I AM CAPrtheurkhtha ktheu… snirfle… i am Captain Tired. *** – Fatigue ! – Migraine ! – Fièvre ! – Gorge sèche ! – Nez qui coule ! – PAR VOS POUVOIRS COMBINES, JE SUIS CAPaarhteuheu teuheu… snirfls… je suis […]

  • (S)lay the dragon King William has summoned Sir Grisbopus and ordered him to slay the ferocious dragon which was menacing the faraway village of Heckwynot. The brave knight went far and fight hard to reach the place, ignored the concerns of the villagers and wen straight to the lair of the ferocious beast. Sir Grisbopus […]

  • Vlad III Basarad The voïvode Vlad III Basarad, Son of Dragon, posing among the coat of arms of Walachia. A portrait done to celebrate the departure of a colleague sharing with me the admiration for this mysterious historical figure that spun quite the legend, spanning from centuries, feeding on folklore and powering up with each […]