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  • Lost place It’s a overlooked place, not so far in the northern woods. You wouldn’t notice. It’s quiet, silent, peaceful. Dark carved rocks emerges from the ground. There may have been some kind of structure here, who knows?Who cares.Nobody cares about the little places.They lives, without a care in the world.Forgotten. And that’s fine. /* […]

  • St Junius Abbey of Nouaille-Maupertuis Welcome to the fabled countryside, peaceful, and quiet.Behold a Jewel of the Art Roman: the St Junius AbbeyOn top of Nouaille’s hills, surrounded by oaks and river,Not far from the Cave of the Wolf, hidden in the forest *** Bienvenue dans l’arri√®re-pays de Nouaill√©-Maupertuis,Joyau de l’art Roman, l’abbaye de St […]