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  • Happy birthday – Happy birthday to youuu…– It’s not my birthday.– Happy birthday to youuu…– I won’t eat that.It glows.– Happy birthday to you, dear Eatthisnow…– I think i can see a ghastly figure into the candle’s smoke.– Happy birthday to youuu, dear Eatthisorwealldie– Ooh so this is the demon sealing ritual!?. I… uh… ok […]

  • Getting ready for the ceremony The fumes makes my head dizzyMaybe I am not that ready?Im ust attend the cere’onyWut? I… flubblu.. glap. I’m sorry. *** L’encens me fait tourner la têtePeut-être ne suis-je pas prête ?J’dois ‘ssister à l’c’rémonie p’tèteQwa ? Shaiplu..blublu . Glap. J’suis bête. Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur […]

  • Invocation II We heard the chants on meadow hills. They were here, by the raised stones, chanting, screaming in the night, this night of walpurgis.We heard the screams in the night. They were here too, and the cultists screamed more. *** Nous avons entendu leurs chants sur Meadow Hills. Ils étaient là, aux pierres levées, […]

  • The Ritual The flame is lit, brightly burningThe skull’s ready, properly carvedChant, people, chant for His comingTonight we’re calling the Damned ***La flamme brûle, brillante et chaudeLe crâne est prêt, gravés de runesChantons, prions, hurlons à la lune !Nous T’appelons, Lama d’Emeraude ! Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6Birthday gift for […]