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  • Flower lady Today I saw a lady in my garden. I think I’m in love with this nice maidenMaybe she’ll listen to my pleaBut I think she’s too pretty for meAt least I got flowers for companyFor my garden that was bare is now fleuri /* Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook – Porte-mine sur carnet […]

  • Lightbringer It is unwise to stroll theses corridors by night. Alone. You could make some rather… unpleasant encounters in the dark. Allow me to escort you and bring you some… light. I insist. *** Krita on Yiynova *** Ce n’est pas très prudent de parcourir ces corridors la nuit. Seul. Vous pourriez faire des rencontres […]

  • Rise! By the power of Hlaf invested in my handsSalt and flour, blended together, the ingredientsBy the power of alchemia, I grant you lifeI conjure yeast to activate and rise! Rise! RISE! *** Par le savoir de Hlaf transmis jusqu’à moiVous, Sel, Eau et Farine, mélangés de mes doigts Soyez maintenant un auquel je donne […]

  • Time Moving Still Time is moving stillStill is moving the timeI’m stuck, In search, I’m illIs it time to ditch the frame? *** Le temps s’écoule sans finSans bouger s’écoule mon tempsJe bloque, je cherche, maladivementPuis-je sortir du cadre enfin ? Wacom Intuos + Gimp        

  • Angels dress – Do you like my new dress? It’s made from angels.– How did you find angel’s feathers?– No, I said made from angels. Whole angels. *** – Tu aimes ma nouvelle robe ? Je l’ai faite avec des anges.– Où as-tu trouvé des plumes d’ange ?– Pas des plumes, des anges. Entiers. Ink […]

  • Inktober 2019 – 17 – Ornament After all these years of tedious enchanting, With all the sacrifices and offerings,With all these charms and ornaments and magic things,She hoped to be free from Death, but It’s still creeping *** Après toutes ces années passées à enchanter,Après tous ces sacrifices, offerts sans relâche,,Avec tous ces charmes et […]