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  • Smoktober 26 How long? No idea. Smoke’s everywhere. So white. Smoke in their eyes. In their lungs. In their heart.They walk and then crawl. Sarah’s weak, she falls.Elijah carries her to the entrance. At last, colors! – “You did it. You really did it. I’m so glad!” *** Encore loin ? Il y en a […]

  • Innocuous Rabbit I drew enough pseudo-philosophical, multi-layered symbolism, creepy innuendoed and tentacle things for a while.So let’s have an innocuous rabbit.Very Innocuous. Very safe. No danger, no hidden truth, I promise.Just a rabbit. Nothing more. A lagopede if I’m not mistaken.Why should I be mistaken?It’s just a rabbit. Don’t be afraid, *** Je trouve que […]