Tag: Scary

  • Hello there Hello there.Could you spare some time  to sit with me? I would very much fancy a talk. A friendly talk.A talk about a certain someone that came here and wreck the sacred burial site. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you? *** Krita + Yiynova *** Bonsoir, cher voyageur. Puis-je […]

  • Smoktober 21 Get closer my friend… so I can see what’s insideHum… there’s something growing, burning, living.I’m afraid what I sold you was not for your kind.You have to return them back or die burning. *** Approche mon ami… Approche que je te vois d’en dedansHum… Il y a quelque chose qui brûle et grandit, […]

  • Coronavirus Hello there, I’m conquering again. *chuckling*Kidding, I never really left. Merely reshaping myself.Do you like my new crown? Do you like my new names?I may have lost my white horse, but I’m still riding. *** Salut la compagnie ! Je suis de retour pour vaincre. *ricane*Je plaisante, j’étais pas vraiment parti, juste transformé, caché.Vous […]

  • Tiny Old Ones All theses books, all these tales about the Great Old Ones made us forget about the Tiny Old Ones.They are the one who will survive our demise and laugh at our expense. Happy solstice to all of you. ALL of you. You, your friends, your foes, the friends of your friends, the […]