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  • Fluffy cow Another sweet memories from Scotland: the Highlands !I mean the cattle, not the place. I love them so much and I want to pet all of them. they are so… fluffy! *** Encore un souvenir d’Écosse : Les Highlands !Pas les plateaux, mais ces adorables bovins qui en sont originaire, Elles sont si […]

  • Scotman without a horse “O Flower of ScotlandWhen will we seeYer like againThat fought and died forYer wee bit Hill and GlenAnd stood against himProud Edward’s ArmyAnd sent him homeward Tae think again” – Flower of Scotland, Roy Williamson Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6 

  • Nessie I firmly believe that faith can create something. Not something as childish and simple as a mystical creature, an elusive cryptid, a supreme being or a hero, no. Faith create stories, complex spiritual constructs that act on our consciousness or better our unconsciousness. The old Egyptians believed that names haves power, the power to […]

  • Loch Ness Deep dark waters what are you hiding?Underneath the waves what is it lurking?I asked Urquhart’s ghost, he did not knewHe laughed at my face and away he flew. *** Que cachez vous, sombres flots vivaces ?Quels secrets rôdent sous votre surface ?J’ai demandé à Urquhart, il n’a jamais suIl m’a rit au nez […]

  • Glade In the forest, there is a glade, soaked in sunlightA patch of light, jewel embedded in the forest   In this place grows a tiny tree, ‘tis not a jestStay for a while and you’ll see glowing at night ! *** Au plus profond des bois, une clairièreCachée entre les troncs, ecrin de lumièreEn […]

  • Highlands All aboard the Jacobite steam train !The salty winds will help us escapeWhile we ride the mysteries mountainsThrough burnt earth and scorched landscape. *** Tous à bord ! Poussez la vapeur à fondLes vents salés nous accompagnerontA travers les landes brumeuses et brûléesDes Highlands aux sommets déchiquetés   Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / […]

  • Scotland A land overwhelmed by nature, shrouded in mystics fog and dark waters.A land where the wind sings the songs of the earth, carried over the oceansA land of strong and marvelous peoples, with hearth on their hands  This land’s named Scotland. A land where I want to stay forever Flower of Scotland starts playing […]

  • Flying above the clouds I don’t really like planes. I can’t shake the feeling of impeding doom, mechanical failure or worse. These fears are not based on logic, nor reason, and I do like the magnificent views, the bright sun and the magical feeling of flying.   Apprehension is a stubborn thing. This little voice […]