Adventure – Shadow Giant

The plenipotentiary pauses to catch their breath, their clawed hand resting on their knees. After that, they stand again ad starts to yell at the top of their lungs :
– “Noble Shadow Giant! We bid you! Welcome!”
They pause.- “You’ve entered! The sovereing kingdom! Of Sulei-kin! We do hope! Your intentions! Are peaceful!”
Another pause.
-“Please state! Your business! (heavy breathing) We’re in the middle! Of the! Attribution festival.”

It must have been quite the effort and the poor creature looks exhausted. What will you do?
– Respect their traditions and leave the place.
– Ask about the Attribution Festival, out of curiosity,
– or suggest me something else?


Le plénipotentiaire fait une pause pour reprendre son souffle, ses petite mains griffues sur ses genoux. Une fois prêt, iel se redresse et hurle de tous ses poumons :- “Noble Ombre Géante ! Nous te ! Saluons !"Pause.- "Vous avez pénétré ! Sur nos terres ! Du royaume de ! Sulei-kin ! Nous espérons ! Que vos Intentions ! Sont Pacifiques !"Une autre pause.-"Dites nous ! S’il vous plait ! La raison ! De votre ! Visite ! (Iel reprends son souffle) Nous sommes ! En plein Festival ! de l’Attribution !”

L’effort a du être conséquent car la pauvre créature semble complètement épuisée. Que ferez-vous ?
– Respecter leur coutume et les laisser en paix,
– Demander ce qu’il retourne de ce festival des Attributions, par curiosité,
– Me suggérer autre chose.

Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6
Choose your own direction       


Shadow Lovers

From the Chained Road leading to the Triborne marketplace, there is an old archway called the Lovers Passage. It marks the limit between two of the oldest houses of the town that had been inhabited by rival families for centuries. When the summer sun is high and shadows are sparse but deep, you may glimpse by squinting your eyes two shadowy figures, tenderly holding each other’s hand. Do not disturb them, for this shadow of their love is all that’s left, and some says that it’s all that prevent the arch from collapsing with both houses.


De la Rue de la Chaine jusqu’à la place du marché Triborne, il vous faut emprunter un vieux passage voûté qu’on appelle le Passage des Amoureux. Ce passage sépare deux des plus anciennes bâtisses de la ville, habitées depuis des siècles par des familles rivales. Quand le soleil d’été est à son zénith et que les ombres se font rares mais intenses, vous pouvez plisser les yeux et entrapercevoir deux obscures silhouettes se tenant tendrement la main. Ne les dérangez surtout pas, car l’ombre de leur amour est tout ce qui leur reste, et certains disent que c’est la seule chose qui empêche l’arche de s’écrouler et d’emporter avec elle les deux bâtisses.

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Porte-mine sur carnet A6


Skopa Draconis – Servant of Shadows

Is it there ? Is it me ? Is it just a game ?

to the gentle patronage of a kind Dragoness (not kidding), I designed a
card game based on the traditional Italian Game Scopa.Each
card is customized to the theme and needs of a french Larp event : The
Chronicles of Kandorya. Coins, Batons, Swords and Cups has been replaced
by colors, corresponding to the Great Daracosires : Ortheïs, Negens,
Kovaris and Airain. Figures now represents
various personalities of the game and secrets has been hidden in the
cards. All of that in a custom tuck box that has been designed to look
like a small grimoire.

There is 4 extra
cards for credits and rules (which are quite simple, and translated in
french + english!) with nice illustrations by yours truly.

Get your own version at MakePlayingCards.com !

really hope this project will be successful, for I plan to make much
more of theses, starting with the Elder Gods Tarot for which i already
print a prototype and will be available soon !