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  • Xronian Clockwork

    Xronian Clockwork As a gift to the library of Kaiku, the Xronians built a special Clock for Index. It has quite the number of hands, one of them turning in reverse. There’s also a clepsydra dripping upward, many wonderfully engraved gears and a crystal pendulum. Index complains a bit about the eerie green light at […]

  • Fumetsu no Kirofune (Yamato class Dragonian Airship) The Airships of the dragonian Kingdom have no balloons, nor  propellers. They are made from the finest and rarest windwood, They tends to be quite small, and fins, propelled by wind kamis summoned by wind users. The  Fumetsu no Kirofune is quite the exception. It’s massive, immense, imposing. […]

  • [Commission] – M4 – Vauban Vauban is one of the most fortified place of the Merchant Empire, except of Course Trokenheim.The island is pierced with tunnels, leading to the fortifications underneath. Two stationary gunships floats high above the walls, armed with several dozen of canons. This place is as the proverb goes : “Qui s’y […]

  • The Manowar The Manowar of the Imperial fleet parade today above Trokenheim.Woe is upon whoever dare to provoke this majestic airship, for its gunners are reputed not only for their numbers, but foremost for their dreaded precision.   Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbookCommission for the Traveler for the Archipel des Vents RPG

  • [Commission] M2 – Convoi Marchand Heavy and filled with loot, the zeppelin had troubles returning home.Winds were treacherous this morning, and they only got two gunships as support. The heavy load makes every maneuver risky. The merchants are very cautious people, and will not celebrate victory until they reach a safe harbor. Pencil doodle on […]

  • Steampunk airship – Colibri Commission for the Ghostwalker : a Steampunk airship named Colibri for the RPG Archipel des Vents. Pencil doodle on A6 Sketchbook